MSc(CS) courses for the 2017-18 academic year

Subject Group Course Code Course Title Semester Instructor
  COMP7103A Data mining 2 Professor Ben C.M. Kao
  COMP7103B Data mining 2 Dr. Mauro Sozio
  COMP7201A Analysis and design of enterprise applications in UML 1 Professor T.H. Tse
  COMP7203 Modern software design ^ Not offered
  COMP7205 Enterprise architecture ^ Not offered
IS COMP7301A Computer and network security 1 Dr. Russell S.W. Yiu
  COMP7303 High-performance computing ^ Not offered
  COMP7304 The wireless Internet and mobile network ^ Not offered
  COMP7305A Cluster and cloud computing 2 Professor C.L. Wang
  COMP7306 Web technologies ^ Not offered
  COMP7307 Advanced real-time embedded systems and applications ^ Not offered
  COMP7403 Computational molecular biology ^ Not offered
  COMP7404A Computational intelligence and machine learning 2 Dr. Dirk Schnieders
FC COMP7405A Techniques in computational finance 2 Dr. J.R. Zhang
FC COMP7406A Software development for quantitative finance 2 Dr. C.D. Shum
FC COMP7407A Securities transaction banking 1 Dr. Juergen H. Rahmel
MC COMP7502A Image processing and computer vision S Dr. Dirk Schnieders
MC COMP7503A Multimedia technologies 1 Dr. Ronald H.Y. Chung
MC COMP7504 Pattern recognition and applications ^ Not offered
MC COMP7505A User interface design and development 2 Professor Bebo White
  COMP7506A Smart phone apps development 1 Dr. T.W. Chim
  COMP7506B Smart phone apps development 1 Dr. T.W. Chim
MC COMP7507A Visualization and visual analytics 2 Dr. Loretta Y.K. Choi
  COMP7604A Game design and development 2 Dr. Loretta Y.K. Choi
MC COMP7605 Advanced multimedia data analysis and applications ^ Not offered
  COMP7801A Topic in computer science 2 Dr. Bethany M.Y. Chan
FC COMP7802A Introduction to financial computing 1 Dr. C.D. Shum
FC COMP7802B Introduction to financial computing 1 Mr. Peter T.L. Ng
IS COMP7804 E-commerce security cases and technologies ^ Not offered
  COMP7805 Topic in computer network and systems ^ Not offered
IS COMP7806 Topic in information security ^ Not offered
MC COMP7807 Topic in multimedia computing ^ Not offered
FC COMP7808 Topic in financial computing ^ Not offered
IS COMP7901A Legal protection of digital property 2 Dr. Kevin K.H. Pun
IS COMP7903A Digital investigation and forensics S Dr. K.P. Chow
IS COMP7904A Information security: attacks and defense S Dr. S.M. Yiu & Mr. Raymond C.B. Chan
IS COMP7905A Reverse engineering and malware analysis 1 Mr. Frankie F.K. Li
FC - Financial Computing
IS - Information Security
MC - Multimedia computing
offered in evening/weekend
^courses not offered

MSc(CS) timetables for the 2017-18 academic year

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